ACM Multimedia 2012 GeoMM Keynote

At the ACM Multimedia 2012 conference in Nara, Japan, I gave a keynote talk at the GeoMM workshop on The State of the Geotag. It is the first talk I’ve given whilst wearing socks on stage, due to the rather special venue:

That’s me on a traditional Noh stage! Thanks to workshop organiser  Martha Larson for the photo.

I’ve had requests to add a transcript or narration track to the slides, particularly as I think some of the slides may seem a bit random by themselves, so I’ll have a look into it. Seems you can ‘slidecast’ using SlideShare, which looks like it should do what I want.

I was also invited to take part in a panel discussion along with Hui Cheng (SRI international Sarnoff, USA) and Shawn Newsam (University of California, Merced), two experts in the field who had great perspectives on the challenges ahead for geo multimedia.


Placing Task MediaEval 2012

I’m now back from a very successful MediaEval 2012 held in Pisa, Italy. Pascal and I presented the chaired the Placing Task session and got to hear more about the approaches from the participating teams.

They were given a realistic sample of videos uploaded to Flickr and had to accurately annotate them with latitude and longitude coordinates using the visual video content, any available textual metadata and/or any available social data. This year, one approach was able to accurately guess the location to within 1km of the true location (which could be anywhere on the planet) 27.9% of the time on this year’s test data.